Security of the confidential data stored in the hard drives of your PC's, Laptops and servers is a concern. We provide 3X data destruction services that guarantees a 100% data security and too at your doorstep. Our on-site data destruction services ensures that no important data goes out of your premises.

Data Destruction Service

1. Data eradication through software

We ensure complete data destruction by one of the most entrusted software. We provide compliance document for each device and thus complying with all the standards of secure data destruction.

Data Destruction

2. Data Degaussing

When these hard drives are passed through heavy electromagnetic fields, the complete data stored in it gets eradicated. This is a trusted method of data destruction which renders device as unusable.

3. Hard disk shredding

In this process, the hard disks are shredded into less than 5mm of size and separated manually to recover valuable metals out it. This process is adopted by organizations that posses highly confidential data and more exposed to data leak threats. All the recovered metals are recycled at our recycling facility.