Logistics Cost

Logistics cost is one of he biggest factors in managing e-waste disposal. Due to the geographical conditions of our country, the logistics costs lays a huge burden on the organized sector working in e-waste.

Reverse Logistics Service

With our wide presence across India, we deliver customized reverse logistics services from customer doorstep to our collection facility. We can collect your e-waste within 96 hours of the scheduled pick up from your doorstep. We make sure that your hazardous waste in being transported in the most secure manner through our responsible channels.

Reverse Logistics

E-Waste collected through our Pan-India collection centres is brought to our recycling facility for processing. This needs a advanced reverse logistics mechanism at place. We bring all our e-waste to our factory through secure transport with the help of our strong local network, wide presence and channel partners. We have our own fleet of pick up vehicles to be completely efficient in the process of reverse logistics.

We have contracts with prominent logistics companies like FedEx and Gati to serve our customers from all parts of India. We have a process timeline of 72 hours to pick up e-waste from any location in the country after scheduling the pick up. To assist the operations and to provide complete transparency to our customers, our 24X7 call centre assists with all the details and queries related to pick up. Our priority is to work as per the clients convenience during scheduling pick up, client's on site operations and final reporting.

Please go to Contact Us page to know more about our Pan-India locations and schedule a pick up as per your convenience. We have a dedicated sourcing team at all the locations. Looking forward to serve you in the best possible manner!