The Founder - Namo e-Waste Management Solution


Namo ewaste Founder-Akshay jain

Namo e-Waste is founded by Akshay Jain, a mechanical engineer by education, was inspired by the sustainable recycling mechanism which he witnessed in UK during his studies. Identifying a similar need for India, he ideated an organization that would play a key role in ensuring a similar, efficient and sustainable system in India. His vision took shape in the form of Namo e-Waste, aged 5 years, has already established itself as one of the best e-waste facility in India. Namo e-Waste has been awarded the ‘Best Recycling Company of the Year’ at Green India Awards (2018), and the 2nd Prize at the ‘3R Excellence Award for E-Waste Recyclers In India’ at the 8th Regional 3R Forum In Asia and the Pacific in 2018.

His commitment is visible in the work he has done in the field outside his company as well. He is the youngest person to be invited at the policy making meeting by several ministries to provide his inputs on sustainably recycling. Additionally, he has been featured at several panels and media events to talk about and increase awareness regarding e-waste and sustainability.

Akshay has now set sights on setting up India’s ‘Largest Recycling Facility’ for recycling of electronic, non-ferrous and automobile waste in the vicinity of Ahmedabad, Gujarat, India. The new plant is dated to be operational from 1st April 2020.