How does extended producer responsibility relate to e-waste?

extended producer responsibility

Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR) is  a concept that manufacturers/Producers should take responsibility for when it comes to their products and the environment. It is a new way of thinking about product design and production, which seeks to prevent pollution and waste in the first place. Extended producer responsibility has been around for some time, but […]

How To Reduce E-Waste With Sustainable IT Solutions?

Reduce E-Waste

As the population increases and businesses continue to expand, the number of electronic devices needed for modern offices and homes has grown exponentially. While most individuals are environmentally conscious, many consumers do not realise that the cost of disposing of their discarded electronics is something they must consider. In the past decade, more and more […]

Top 5 Ways A Business Can Take Action Against The Growing Problem Of Electronic Waste

The global issue of eWaste is something that many businesses across the world are now taking more seriously. It’s one thing for businesses to make a profit, but it’s another to help the environment by treating our natural resources with respect. There’s been a growing awareness concerning the perils of eWaste, and there are many […]

How To Create A Corporate E-Waste Recycling Plan?

E-Waste Recycling Plan

In the digitalization era, companies are encouraged to increase their e-waste recycling rate whenever they discard old electronic equipment. Recycling used electronic devices can help companies reduce material expenses, save energy and minimise their carbon footprint—but also serves as a reputational benefit that demonstrates a company’s environmental leadership. Whether you’re a small business or a […]

Here are 5 New Year’s resolutions you can use to stop electronic waste from spreading

resolutions to stop electronic waste

The demand for e-waste disposal has increased dramatically over the last decade. It’s a problem that affects everyone in some way, no matter where you live or what kind of business you’re running. The increasing popularity of mobile devices and other electronics means that people are buying more than ever before. In addition, many households […]

This Is How E-Waste Affects Society

The environmental impact of e-waste is an important and rapidly growing topic, with new technological developments leading to ever-increasing levels of e-waste. This has led to major concerns about the condition of the environment and how our exposure to electronic waste is affecting the health of people and animals. Unmanaged e-waste starts as discarded electronics […]

What are the long-term implications of e waste mining? 

A large number of eWaste recycling companies have started to make use of e waste mining to decrease the amount of e-waste. The process involves separating the materials in electronic devices, such as computers and smartphones so that they can be reused again in new products. Once the materials are collected, they can be sold […]

How are the new eWaste management rules going to affect the current e-waste system

The Ministry of Environment, Forest and Climate change has made some changes to their rules on how to handle e-waste. Every company which handles any type of unwanted electronic product or equipment needs to be aware of these new rules before they begin operations. These rules will come into effect from the 1st of April […]

Why is Data Destruction Important for Your Business?

Importance of mobile recycling

Data is the currency of your business. Data can help drive revenue, and reduce costs and productivity. However, data can also be a source of information that can lead to business losses. There are many ways you can use it for personal gain. Loss of data can result in financial loss or the form of […]