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Namo e-Waste was founded in 2014 to make e-waste disposal sustainable and clean across the country. We provide comprehensive, effective, and responsible recycling services to get rid of electronic wastes. The Company has the finest technology available for extraction of metals from e-waste and separating the hazardous content present from the waste. Our plants and machineries, authorised by the Central Pollution Control Board, makes our facility one of the most sustainable in the country with zero waste discharge technology.

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Our Services

EPR Services

“Extended Producer Responsibility” is a protocol that companies need to follow and it is the responsibility of the producers to ensure that the products are recycled once people are done with them. In the case of recyclable e-waste, it is seen that the producers get heavy penalties when the guidelines aren’t met. So, to tackle this issue, NAMO which is known as one of the best e-waste management companies in India started offering Producer Responsibility Organisation (PRO) services in order to help the producers meet the EPR guidelines. We also look over the fact that the e-waste products which are collected from the consumers are delivered straight to our facility for the responsible recycling of the products. 

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Reverse Logistics

Namo, which is one of the reverse logistics companies in India, helps manufacturers meet the Extended Producer Responsibility Guidelines and facilitate the recycling of their products. Products don’t stay in one location, so they need to be collected and sorted out according to the recycling process. This is too hard to do right now because there is no infrastructure or efficient way to collect, transport and dispose of the products. To better cater to producers and address this issue, we’ve been expanding our presence across India. We offer a Reverse Logistics service that collects e-waste from any customer’s doorstep, tailors for their specific request, and delivers it to our facility. This is done within 96 hours of scheduling the pick-up and ensures both hazardous and non-hazardous e-waste is transported securely and responsibly.

Data Destruction

Namo also offers data destruction service, in this what happens is when you send your old electronics to be recycled, we make sure that sensitive information on the hard drives is destroyed via 3X data destruction. We use data destruction as a technique for 100% data security. Here is how we destroy data with a three-step process:

  • Data Destruction through Software: We first use a data erasure software named NIST tested and approved to erase the data from your e-waste products. The software complies with all data destruction standards, which ensure that your consumer’s personal information is securely erased.
  • Data Degaussing: After the first step, we use heavy electromagnetic fields to eliminate any data that wasn’t eliminated in the first step. This further ensures that the hard drive becomes unusable for all other purposes.
  • Hard Disk Shredding: In the last step, to make sure that your data is 100% secure, we shred your disks to less than 5mm in size and hand over the individual pieces to get them back into usable shape. This process is approved by organisations that hold highly sensitive and critical information.
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