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PCB Recycling Technology

Process flow sheet

Process know-how for technology transfer will be made available on request to the interested stakeholders.

The high value e-waste, printed circuit boards (PCB) are rich in precious metals like gold and silver, base metals and rare metals. Printed circuit boards have 30% – 40% metals. If the PCBs derived from e-waste are recycled we can extract the metals from it that can be used again. However, the challenge is that PCBs also include highly toxic substances. These harmful elements can severely damage the human body along with the environment.

Namo e-Waste is fully equipped with the technology for PCB Recycling which is authorised from GOI.

The PCBs are categorized into three general types – single-sided, double-sided and multilayer. They can either be flexible or rigid, sometimes even a combination of both. Precious metals like gold, silver and copper are extracted from the recycled PCB. The recovered metals are then reused to make new things.

Gold coin of Olypiad Tokyo 2020
silver coin of Olypiad Tokyo 2020
Bronze coin of Olypiad Tokyo 2020

The gold, silver, and bronze medals given to winners at 2020 Summer Olympic Games held in Tokyo (Japan) are made out of recycled e-waste.

PCB Recycling Technology Benefits:

  • Cost Effective as compared to previous technologies used for metal extraction from PCB
  • The new technology is 99.9% efficient as compared to other technologies
  • Tested technology with guaranteed results
  • Inexpensive running cost as compared to foreign machines and process
  • We offer full technical and on ground support by highly technical team of engineers and scientists
  • Under the umbrella of CoE process the technology is being scaled up to 2 Tonnes/day capacity

What we offer:

We offer a simple technology transfer or implementation & technology transfer of the whole process.

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