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Samsung Initiative

One of our most recent initiatives to further expand our outreach for the sustainable disposal of e-waste has been our initiative with Samsung. In that, we partnered with their Samsung Care for Clean India program to ensure that we collect e-waste and ensure its disposal in a responsible and sustainable way.

All electronic devices, which includes air conditioners, refrigerators, mobile phones, laptops, TVs, etc., become e-waste when they reach the end of their lives. This e-waste contains of toxic pollutants, which, when released in the environment, causes great damage. This damage is further worsened by the unruly disposal of e-waste by the informal sector. Approximately 90% of e-waste in India is illegally collected and disposed off without consideration to the environment and releasing toxic pollutants into the air we breathe.

At Namo, we aim to reduce these statistics by providing easily accessible and convenient services to businesses and consumers to assist them in safe disposal of their e-waste. To further contribute to that, we have collaborated with Samsung to receive the rights and ownership of e-waste materials produced by ABC Products.

Through these rights, we will collect all the e-waste produced by them and transport it to our e-waste facility in Faridabad to ensure its disposal in the most responsible way. The e-waste produced from their products will be recycled in our facility by extracting the relevant and functioning parts for reuse, and disposing the rest of the product in an environment friendly manner.

Through the Samsung Care for Clean India program, we are taking significant steps to improve the environment we live in and prevent the harmful effects of climate change by preventing the release of harmful toxins in the air. In doing so, we are doing our duty to help clean our environment clean and work towards a safe and sustainable future.