Way to Sustainable Lifestyle and Boost to E-waste Management


Over 93% of Indian households own a mobile phone, with over 750 million smartphone users in the country. In 2021, approximately 19,406 smartphones were purchased every hour in India.

Smartphones emit high levels of greenhouse gases, with a new device producing around 85 kg of carbon emissions in its first year, mainly from manufacturing. 


Using renewed smartphones can reduce eWaste and emissions from smartphones. The devices were previously used, but were repaired and tested using original parts to give them a new look and function.


Renewed smartphones offer both cost and environmental benefits. In the Indian market, progressive companies and trusted resellers are introducing new ways of refurbishing smartphones


 As the renewed smartphone market grows, fewer devices will need to be manufactured, reducing carbon footprints and eWaste. This will help create a cleaner, greener, and more sustainable planet.


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