Scary Effects of E-Waste on the Environment and Human Health

You must have heard of e-waste or electronic waste, and it has become a serious concern in the last few years. Talking about the negative effects of E-waste on human health and the environment, the list is unending. As far as the long-term impact of this hazard is concerned, more research is required. 

Considering the scary effects of E-waste, many recycling centres have been initiated in the last few years. The e-waste recycling centres put their efforts to protect human life and the planet from the impact of e-waste. 

Check out the scary effects of e-waste on the environment and human health:

E-waste damages soil

No matter what the region is, e-waste has a huge negative impact on the soil. According to the studies conducted, these waste materials release toxic metals that include lead, arsenic, etc. As these toxic metals get mixed up with the soil, the direct impact is on plants and vegetation growing from the soil. 

The situation worsens when humans and animals feed on these plants. As the heavy metals enter the human food supply, the impact is dangerous and can lead to severe health complications like birth defects, genetic diseases, etc. 

E-waste pollutes water

It is vital for the e-waste to be disposed of properly, or else it may result in the pollution of water. Often industries tend to dispose of waste without treating it, and as a result, toxins start entering the groundwater. 

Groundwater is very important for every animal, and once it gets polluted, animals start showing signs of the negative effects. Apart from the animals, the human beings relying on the groundwater can easily be affected by toxins like mercury, lithium, barium, etc.

E-waste pollutes air

There are instances where the e-waste is burned by an incinerator, and it negatively impacts the air we breathe. It releases hydrocarbons into the air and makes the air unhealthy for human beings and animals. All animals and humans rely on air for oxygen which is their basic necessity, and e-waste can make this air poisonous. 

The increasing amount of hydrocarbons in the air contributes to the greenhouse effect. As e-waste tends to increase the greenhouse effect, it worsens the global warming situation too.

What next?

To sum up, by now, it  is very clear that e-waste is devastating for our planet. Air, water, and soil are things very important for every human life, and causing any damage to these elements, can cause irreversible damage to the environment and human life. 

Although the long term effects are not yet known, the immediate impact of E-waste is dangerous. It is high time that we all need to take up the necessary steps to minimise the negative impact of E-waste. 

As a responsible citizen, you must get in touch with the E-waste recycling service centres. These centres are equipped with advanced technology and qualified technicians who are well-versed in the process of recycling. Delay no more, get in touch with these centres for the most feasible solution for your E-waste disposal and help the planet heal. 
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