Who We Are

Namo e-Waste is a sustainable and cost-effective company for disposing electronic waste across the country. We provide comprehensive recycling services for getting rid of eWaste efficiently and in environment friendly way and that makes our facility one of the most sustainable in the country with zero waste discharge technology. Our team is committed to providing you with reliable, affordable and sustainable solutions for managing your EEE waste.


Namo E-waste Management believes in three principles: reduce, reuse and recycle. Our goal is to create awareness around the need for responsible eWaste disposal in India. While many people know about electronics recycling, we are committed to the task of creating an enabling environment for informal recyclers by providing them with training on disposal techniques and safe practices.


We are committed to using our expertise, resources and experience to build a sustainable future for the planet. We believe that e-waste is one of the most important issues to tackle in order to protect our environment and our way of life. We have reached a point where we have become aware of the damage caused by e-waste and are committed to making a difference.

Our Values


We believe that when you own something, you have a responsibility to take care of it. This is why we provide our clients with an easy and convenient way to collect their e-waste at their doorstep.

Customer first

We at Namo eWaste strive to serve the needs of our customers, be it in regards to recycling and sustainable waste management services or social responsibility towards our local communities.


We are passionate about recycling because we believe that this process can help reduce carbon emissions, save energy, and protect the environment from harmful chemicals such as mercury, lead and cadmium.


We believe that eduction is important for sustainability. We aim to provide information on our products and their uses to help you conserve the environment and recycle.

Passion to deliver

Our goal is to offer services and products that are both secure and sustainable. Every product is checked to make sure it satisfies customer requirements and follows all applicable laws.

Respect for people

We are a socially responsible company that respects its employees, partners and customers. We believe in creating a sustainable future by focusing on the issue of eWaste management as well as promoting social responsibility amongst our stakeholders.


Makers, Innovators & Thinkers

Mr. Akshay Jain

Managing Director

Namo eWaste is founded by Akshay Jain, a mechanical engineer by education, was inspired by the sustainable recycling mechanism which he witnessed in UK during his studies. Identifying a similar need for India, he ideated an organization that would play a key role in ensuring a similar, efficient and sustainable system in India. His vision took shape in the form of Namo eWaste, aged 5 years, has already established itself as one of the best eWaste facility in India. Namo eWaste has been awarded the ‘Best Recycling Company of the Year’ at Green India Awards (2018), and the 2nd Prize at the ‘3R Excellence Award for eWaste Recyclers In India’ at the 8th Regional 3R Forum In Asia and the Pacific in 2018.

Mr. Sanjeev Srivastava

Chief Executive Officer

India is already the 3rd largest producer of eWaste with about 5 million tons of eWaste in 21-22. This is expected to rise to 7.69 million tons by 2025. India’s recycling rate is about 3% compared to 27% in Japan and 21% in USA and thus leaving a big gap. 

The low recycling rates result from a lack of a formal eWaste recycling infrastructure and ground level awareness. About 95% of eWaste is recycled by the informal sector, which often uses hazardous methods. 

This requires immediate attention. Formalising the informal sector, educating workers, increasing awareness and creating environment friendly eWaste disposal structure is need of hour. 

Mr. Sanjeev Srivastava is a seasoned Leader with over 35 years of experience in BFSI and has held various key positions with leading Banks like IDBI, ING, IndusInd and Equitas etc. He is also an experienced entrepreneur and has Co-founded and scaled other companies successfully. He believes that by associating with Namo eWaste he will be able to address Environment challenges through responsible disposal of eWaste and contribute towards a better World.

Mr. Ujjwal Kumar -Director Procuremen - Namo eWaste

Mr. Ujjwal Kumar

Director Procurement

At Namo Ujjwal oversees all corporate sales and marketing efforts, acquisitions and business development. With a pivotal role in building Namo from the ground up, Ujjwal has helped to lead NAMO to its current standing as one of the largest fully integrated IT and electronics asset disposition provider company in India. Ujjwal have over 8 years of experience in the field of eWaste management and is fully dedicated towards the cause.

Ujjwal earned a Bachelor of technology in Electrical and Electronics from Maharishi Dayanand University of Haryana. He is more focused on solving the environmental impacts happening in world.

Mr. Rajat Rai Handa

Strategic Advisor

Rajat is an international environmental consultant specialising in policy, research, and communications, with critical experience in waste management and circular economy issues. A dynamic young professional with a diverse skill set and a passion for sustainability, Rajat was awarded the German Chancellor Fellowship for his work on waste management and also served as a Young Global Changer in 2020. He has a master’s degree in public policy from the prestigious Hertie School of Governance in Berlin and a bachelor’s (honours) degree in physics from the University of Delhi. He has also completed online post-graduate certifications in economic development and climate change from Oxford University (via edX).

He is currently working on projects in India, Germany, and the Caribbean as a Project Leader with BlackForest Solutions. He has extensive experience in plastic waste, e-waste, municipal solid waste, organic waste and waste-to-energy issues. Additionally, he also has on-ground experience with the informal sector in India.


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