reduce e-waste

Strategies to Follow to Reduce E-waste Generation

Technology keeps changing almost every day. There is always a new gadget, device, or smartphone on the market daily. People make a beeline to buy the latest technology, use it for a while and move on to the next, leaving the previous device to gather dust somewhere in the house or their office. There are innumerable gadgets, wires, memory sticks, and batteries in every household that needs attention. In the race to buy the latest technology, we tend to accumulate the amount of e-waste that we cannot handle without seeking help from an e-waste management company like Namo E-wastewhich has an electronic waste recycling plant in India.

Although all e-waste management companies in India are always at your beck and call, it is good for the environment and our planet to keep the e-waste generation under control. There are many ways through which we can reduce the production of e-waste, at least in our household.

Stay organized

The first step to e-waste management is to remain aware. In order to get an idea about the electrical and electronics items that you don’t require and should get rid of, you must keep them organized at home. Especially, wires, chargers, connectors, and cables must be organized otherwise you will not know what you need to eliminate in terms of e-waste, in the first place. Sometimes due to ignorance, we end up buying something that is already lying in our attic like an extension board or connector, etc. Save yourself from buying things that you already have by staying organized.

Purchase bare minimum

Like we mentioned earlier, sometimes we buy things just for the heck of it, we don’t really need them. Buying unnecessary devices and gadgets is the primary cause of e-waste generation. Check if you really require the electronic device that you are going to purchase. If you do not need it, save yourself from bringing home something that will add to the pile of e-waste and we all know how harmful e-waste is for our health, environment, and the entire ecosystem.

Buy Back programs

Many electronics stores run buy-back programs. Before buying electronics items like cameras and computers etc, ask customer care if they have any options to buy or exchange your old items. Such options enable you to do away with your old items in exchange for the new ones, saving money for you. This will support the mobile recyclingdrive too.

Donate e-waste

The moment you are done using your old smartphone, donate it to someone who needs it. Donations are one of the best ways to keep clearing your e-waste in time before it piles up and becomes difficult to manage. For electronic recycling, you may also choose to hand over the same to Namo E-waste by visiting their website.

Store in the cloud

Many IT giants offer their cloud storage service, make the best use of the same and keep buying bulky servers or unnecessary hardware at bay. This should be practiced for both personal and official usage to minimize e-waste production. Storing your data in the cloud makes syncing and accessing files through multiple devices easier. It saves the finances which are otherwise used to buy a server.

Sell your old electronics item

There are many websites that enable you to sell your old items. If you wish to get rid of your old electronics items and make money too, you may seek help from these sites and sell your old electronics products. From TV sets to computers and even smartphones, you can sell all that you want. This will foster mobile recycling.

Send it for recycling

Explore the options in your area where e-waste is collected for recycling; search for ‘e-waste collection center near me.’ Namo, the best e-waste recycler in India, also has many e-waste collection centers across the country. Connect with the staff at these collection centers and dispose of your e-waste there, which may be then sent for electronic recycling depending on its reusability. Also, look for a door-to-door e-waste collection drive that will make your task easier.

Create awareness among people around you

We all know how e-waste has toxic substances in it and should not be disposed of informally as it could be detrimental to our health and environment. There is a right way to do the same. Seek help from e-waste management companies in case it gets difficult to manage but avoid handing your e-waste to rag pickers and informal e-waste recyclers. Educate people around you to recycle through authorized recycler. This will help them minimize and manage e-waste better.