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The Growing E-waste: Means to a Livelihood and Resource Management!

We all know that e-waste is hazardous but we don’t do anything about it. Do you know why? Because we think, let others do it! This is exactly why Namo e-Waste came into being. To begin somewhere, we need everyone’s cooperation. Yours too!

Did you know, it was only when China refused to accept 24 varieties of solid waste, that big countries like the US and the UK along with Japan and Australia realized they were in a soup. Until then, China used to take 70 percent of the world’s unused electronic waste. The country realized the harmful impact of e-waste and banned it. Southeast Asia was the next chosen destination to dump the e-waste; soon the countries in the region like Thailand and Vietnam too curbed the e-waste import. Did you observe, how all these countries want others to manage their e-waste and save the planet, as we mentioned earlier; we do not do it because we wait for others to do it. Enough is enough! E-Waste production has surged globally by 21% in just five years, as per a report by the United Nations.

What Triggers the Upsurge?

It’s no secret that technology has made way in our daily lives in such a way that we cannot look and think beyond it. We live through and sometimes on technology; don’t you spend most of your time with your laptops and phones? We have now moved on to wearable technology; smartwatches, Bluetooth rings, Helmet Sensors and Hololens, etc are used by many. That close, the technology has come to us!

With the increasing competition, the prices of electronic gadgets have gone down and so has the quality. This has made the lifespan of electronic gadgets shorter. They are all battery-driven. Some have replaceable batteries while others have the kind that has an expiry date. Although all of us care to buy the latest devices and gadgets to hit the market, none of us care to dispose of the no-longer-used devices carefully, at home. Does that make us smart and hi-tech? You decide!

Even businesses upgrade their systems and electronic infrastructure easily instead of getting repaired the older ones. They update their software but allow the discarded hardware to lie defunct and degrade, emitting harmful radiations. The lack of time and manpower compels them to be ignorant. However, it is about time the companies must realize their responsibility and the kind of harm they are causing to the planet and future generations and move towards proper E-Waste management

Namo e-Waste Comes into Rescue

We understand the constraints that each household and company has and we have come in to fill up the gaps. Electronic devices are designed with a wide mix of materials like silver, gold, copper, palladium, platinum, lithium, cobalt which are valuable, and many other elements like lead, mercury, cadmium, and beryllium that could have harmful effects post the expiry date. Health hazards caused by such elements must be minimized at any cost. Imagine, if we recycle the old electronic devices how much of these non-renewable resources can be saved for future use. Sustainability is the way forward and Namo e-waste, E-Waste recycling company has taken it upon itself to ensure that e-waste present in every corner of the country is sent for scientific disposal for appropriate recycling of waste collected pan India.  Namo E-waste has one of the biggest electronic waste recycling plants in India and

Do your bit, be part of Namo e-Waste’s ongoing campaign “Together We Care” to collect e-waste from homes, workplaces, communities, companies, etc.

E-Waste is a menace, help us regulate it!