5 Steps to Starting an Electronics Recycling Program at Work

In today’s digital age, businesses are heavily dependent on technology to function and operate. This means that when electronics become outdated or are no longer useful, they are often discarded without a second thought. However, the improper disposal of electronics can be harmful to the environment and pose a threat to data security. Starting an […]

Metal Recovery Through E-Waste: Mining Value From Old Electronics

Electronic waste, commonly known as e-waste, has become a significant problem globally. As the production of electronic products increases, so does the amount of e-waste generated. E-waste recycling has become an essential tool in managing this problem. Among the many benefits of e-waste recycling, the recovery of precious metals is one of the most significant. […]

Data Security and The Advancement of eWaste Activism

The importance of data security has become increasingly evident, as cybercrime continues to rise and data breaches become more common. However, data security is not just a concern for companies and individuals in the digital realm. It also has significant implications for the disposal of electronic waste, or eWaste. With the growing amount of eWaste […]

Sustainable Manufacturing Strategy for Eliminating eWaste by Engineers

As our reliance on electronic devices continues to increase, so does the amount of eWaste generated each year. To combat this issue, engineers have a crucial role to play in developing sustainable manufacturing strategies that reduce waste and promote a circular economy. By implementing innovative technologies and designing products for disassembly and recycling, engineers can […]

How We Can Turn eWaste into a Resource for Good

Turn eWaste into a Resource for Good

In our digital age, electronic waste, or eWaste, has become a major environmental problem. The rapid growth of the technology industry has led to a constant cycle of upgrading and disposing of electronic devices, leading to a massive accumulation of eWaste. However, this waste can be turned into a resource for good if we approach […]

What is E-waste? Importance of E-waste

In today’s world, technology has become an essential part of our daily lives. We use electronic devices for almost everything we do, from work to entertainment, and communication to education. However, with the rapid advancement of technology, a new problem has emerged – E-waste. In this article, we will define what E-waste is and explain […]

Why Your Business Should Consider Professional eWaste Solutions

  You might not give it much thought, but your business produces a lot of electronic waste (e-waste). From old computers and monitors to printers and fax machines, eWaste is a growing problem for businesses of all sizes. While you might be tempted to just throw away your old electronics, it is not only a […]

Benefits of Recycling eWaste Through Authorised Recyclers

As the world becomes increasingly digitised, our reliance on electronics grows with it. From our daily alarms that wake us up to the computers we use at work, and even the entertainment systems in our homes – electronics are now a staple in all aspects of our lives. However, as technology advances and new devices […]

How Electronic Waste Pollution Affects the Environment

Our modern lives are unimaginable without electronic devices, which have transformed the way we communicate, work, and live. Yet, this digital revolution has also led to an ominous side effect of electronic waste pollution, commonly known as eWaste pollution. The improper disposal of electronic devices has become a ticking time bomb that threatens to contaminate […]

The Disposal of eWaste: Methods for Removing Plastics from eWaste

Methods for Removing Plastics from eWaste

Electronic waste or eWaste has become a major concern for the environment in recent years. With the rapid advancement in technology, we are witnessing massive growth in the production and consumption of electronic devices. Unfortunately, the disposal of these devices has led to a rise in electronic waste, which is harmful to the environment due […]