Creating awareness among consumers regarding scientific disposal of E-waste

Creating awareness among consumers regarding scientific disposal of Ewaste

Electronic waste is created when any electronic device is discarded after it has been used. As it contains various harmful materials including lead, cadmium and beryllium in addition to posing an extraordinary threat to the environment, therefore it becomes very important to dispose of it in such a manner that it does not pose a threat to anyone. However, the volume of e-waste has increased so much in recent years that it has become almost impossible to control it without the help from consumers.

Although our lives are busy and super-fast, as consumers of technology, it is our responsibility to save the environment from electronic waste and the toxins they release. We simply need to follow some healthy practices:

Divide your regular garbage and e-waste: Although it is a healthy habit to throw garbage into the dustbins, e-waste is not regular garbage as it contains various heavy metals and bioaccumulative toxins. Old electronic items like keyboards and monitors, smart phones should be kept separately and thrown in separate bins. There are separate bins for e-waste in various cities of India managed by various NGOs. One can also call to avail the e-waste collection services of Namo E-Waste.

Sell your outdated technology: There is nothing wrong in being up to date with the latest model of smart phones and laptops but one should not simply throw away the older ones. Outdated gadgets should be sold further. This helps in reducing e-waste by elongating the useful life of gadgets in addition to being a super-smart financial choice.

Exchange your outdated technology: Several Companies have an exchange-policy where you can exchange your old gadget and get a discount on your new one. Using these policies has become easier in the era of e-commerce websites where you can exchange your old device at home. However, one should make sure to properly format and remove sensitive information before exchanging used gadgets. Namo E-Waste ensures that all your data is destroyed before sending the device for recycling.

Donate: If you have a lot of old gadgets in your store-room which are still working then you can simply donate them to various NGOs and Charitable foundations so that they can be used by underprivileged people, especially students. By donating you are basically increasing the life term of technology thereby reducing e-Waste in addition to contributing meaningfully to someone’s life. Never forget that one man’s trash can be another man’s treasure.

Spread Awareness- People are still not aware of the dangers that e-waste poses. Therefore, it is our responsibility to make our friends and family aware of the hazards of electronic waste and help them further in disposing of their e-waste properly. A green and clean Earth is not just the responsibility of the government but the burden is on all of us. With the best e-waste company in India just a call away, you must opt for only scientific methods for disposal of  your e-waste.