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Indian Cities must find a fix for their e-waste just like Noida

The Noida Authority recently hired two e-waste management companies to deal with the e-waste produced in the city. However, the exercise wasn’t as easy as it appeared.

E-waste Bins

It was found that in the absence of a proper dumpsite for e-waste, people used to dispose of e-waste in an informal and unscientific manner. Therefore the Noida Authorities placed e-waste bins alongside the regular bins at various public places about two years ago. This was to segregate the recyclable e-waste from the regular waste. However, this move did not receive the desired response. The study revealed that because all electronic items have value in the scrap market, people did not want to share them for free.

Worth of E-waste

To give the consumers the worth of all e-waste, the authorities made amendments to their earlier move and fixed the prices of about 75 electronic items that figured the most in the e-waste. These items included copper wires, pen drives, mobile phones, laptops, headphones, washing machines, keyboards, and refrigerators. The price was fixed for individuals and bulk consumers like IT companies etc. The e-waste items were further divided according to their usability into non-functional and functional categories and their prices ranged from Rs 10- Rs 2500 per Kg.


Noida is seen as the IT hub wherein companies regularly update their infrastructure and replace old IT hardware. Even the individuals in Noida replace their electronic items within a short period. Considering this the authorities hired two authorized recyclers and firms and people could reach out to them to dispose of their e-waste with price tags. All household items along with office hardware could be easily collected and sent for recycling to enable a sustainable ecosystem and resources. This time around the authorities received the desired response. Earlier when the authorities had placed e-waste bins at 21 places, without offering the monetary benefit to the consumers for disposing of e-waste, the response they received was poor. There was hardly any e-waste collected or recycled.

Consumer Behaviour

The practice revealed another side of consumers both bulk producers and individuals that they still find worth in their no-longer-in-use electronic items and do not want to just let them go without getting their dues. This is one of the reasons why the scrap market and informal methods of e-waste disposal are thriving in every city. All cities and local societies must learn from this move of NOIDA and hire authorized recyclers like Namo E-waste to collect the e-waste from the city and the societies after giving the worth of the e-waste to the consumers. We can enable sustainable resources with this practice, which is also the need of the hour.

Hire Namo E-waste

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