Measures Being Taken by Namo E-Waste to Keep COVID-19 at Bay - Namo eWaste

As the country is currently witnessing the second wave of the COVID-19 pandemic, Namo E-Waste, an e-waste management company, is following the strict COVID-19 guidelines laid down by the government of India at their offices. Each member of the e-waste collection and recycling company is taking all necessary precautions to dispose of e-waste carefully.

Beginning with wearing personal protective equipment to contain the spread of the disease to sanitizing office premises including work stations, all departments, all surfaces, etc. every step is being followed to the core. Social distancing is also being practiced and all necessary gears and equipment are used to collect, clean, and recycle e-waste at the facility. The decision-makers are leaving no stone unturned to ensure the safety of their workers on the job.

Conducting and participating in webinars has become the new normal to understand more about the guidelines, execution, and ways to overcome the challenges. Connecting with the National Waste & Recycling Association from different countries is helping the company have a better idea about the practicalities. Everyone is concerned about only one thing – to contain the disease and prevent the infection from spreading further. Best practices by organizations from across the globe are acting as a blueprint for Namo E-Waste to follow. No one had expected the pandemic of this scale, let alone being prepared for it. It is a learning curve for the company and they hope to act better in the future during any such critical times!

In order to sufficiently sanitize surfaces, employees are referring to the approved antimicrobial products that are expected to work against the novel coronavirus causing COVID-19. Workers are made aware of the timeframe each of these products takes to be effective. E-waste workers are also asked to reduce clutter to steer clear of the accumulation of contamination. Extra precautions are being taken to deal with the e-waste products that are suspected to be contaminated.

World Health Organization’s guidelines are also being followed. To ensure safety while on the work, employees are made to wear puncture-resistant gloves along with face shields and eye protection gears to minimize exposure to contamination or virus. Additionally, workers are washing and disinfect their hands many times a day. They are reminded time and again to not touch their nose, eyes, or mouth while wearing gloves to manage e-waste. The company is also employing engineering controls like automated and semi-automated collection machines. Infrared thermometers are also employed to check the body temperature of every worker before entering the work premises.

The management at Namo E-Waste is ensuring that all COVID-19 guidelines are followed and that proper safety precautions are in place. They are also increasing the frequency of sanitization, stocking cleaning products, and supporting unwell staff to stay home and get proper health care.

Even during these challenging times, the e-waste management company is ensuring that our planet remains e-waste free and resources sustainable. That’s commendable and inspiring!  

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