Modern World’ and ‘Recycling’, two terms that are inseparable. Listening to the word ‘Recycling’ what comes to your mind? Is it Plastic? Or is it Paper? What if I tell you there are so many items you don’t know about that can be or rather should be recycled for a greener earth.


Discovering Surprising Items for Recycling

Welcome to your Guide to Responsible Disposal where we would introduce you to items you wouldn’t believe can be recycled. These simple items you use every day for convenience can be beneficial for our planet if you choose to recycle them instead of dumping them.


1. Recycling Batteries: A Win-Win Solution 

Yes, the rechargeable batteries that you use, household alkaline batteries, and button cell batteries, all of them are recyclable. They contain harmful materials like lead, cadmium, mercury etc, which if not disposed of properly can be of a great danger to ours as well as our planet’s health. 


That being said, if you choose to recycle, you not only help to prevent these toxic substances from damaging our soil and water, but also allow valuable materials like zinc, nickel, and lithium to be recovered and reused in new batteries. It’s a win-win situation.


2. Recycling Ink Cartridges: Reducing Plastic Waste

The Ink Cartridges that often get piled up in our trash when recycled reduces the demand of new plastic production as well as stops harmful materials from marring our planet. 


So, Instead of tossing your empty ink cartridges into the trash, let’s consider recycling them. As awareness increases, many office supply stores, electronics retailers, and printer manufacturers offer ink cartridge recycling programs that allow you to return used cartridges for proper disposal and recycling. 


3. Recycling Light Bulbs: Safeguarding the Environment

Usually, disused Light Bulbs go into our trash cans making the mercury from CFLs dissipate in the environment. But what will recycling do differently? It will allow safe disposal of mercury and also enable the recovery of materials like glass, aluminum, and phosphor powder which can be reused for the future. 


Let’s consciously make a choice of recycling these light bulbs so that they get a new life and can continue to light our planet. 


4. Recycling Electronic Devices: Extracting Valuable Materials

Do you remember what you did with the old phone you recently replaced? Chances are, it’s still in your drawer waiting for you to give it a new life. Electronic Devices like phones contain minerals like gold, silver and when you give them for recycling they get extracted helping a new item to come into life. 


On the other hand, improper disposal of e-waste adds to the already piled up landfills harming our planet inside out. But enough discussing problems, we are here to also provide you an opportunity to be a part of Solution. 


Namo eWaste: Making Recycling Convenient

Namo eWaste offers you a free e-waste pickup from your doorstep giving you accessibility and convenience. And this is how you can contribute to a greener planet just through a few clicks. 


Conclusion: Pledging for a Greener Future

We at Namo eWaste are devoted to doing our part and contributing to a sustainable future for us and as well future generations. 


With a mission to recycle maximum electronic waste generated we stand firm to minimize adverse impact on our environment and alongside reverse the damage that is already done. 


Nobody can do this alone, but we all can surely do it together. With comprehensive services offered by us, you can do your part by recycling e-waste around you and promote practices that are eco-friendly. 


Choose to partner with us and actively participate in a much-needed movement of reducing waste that is threatening for ours and our planet’s life.  Join us in our mission to create a world where sustainability is not just an option but a way of life.