E-Waste Recycling EPR Policies Followed by EEE Manufacturers

EPR Policies e waste recycling

E-waste recycling, which includes both management as well as handling, rules were laid down in 2011 and made effective in 2012. All mobile and telephone producers must successfully implement e-waste rules and manage e-waste following all rules set for various aspects of e-waste management. The new guidelines with respect to the management of e-waste issued by the Ministry of Environment, […]

Five Ways to Increase Citizen Participation in e-waste management

Citizen Participation

All of the waste management strategies require the participation of the citizenry to be efficient and effective. E-waste management is no different and since it is harder to dispose of than normal garbage, participation from citizens becomes even more important. Here are the five ways in which citizen participation in e-waste management can be increased: By raising awareness about harms of […]